Month: April 2017

Effective Guidelines for Creative Website Design

Website Design

Designing any type of online website or blogging site can be a simple task if common mistakes are avoided. Without effective guidelines, it is easy to render a website that is both difficult to use, and extremely unattractive. With proper guidance, you can easily create a website design that is ideally suited to the purpose of your site while making it an experience that is both productive and pleasant.

Website Design
Effective Content

Proper website design is not just creating something that is visually appealing, but also provides effective interaction as well. The purpose of quality and effective web design is to display the contents of the site to its best effect. To be effective at that, it must be designed in such a way that it retains the focus throughout the entire creative process.

Without it, the site can easily lose its aesthetic appeal or function because it is challenging to navigate. Web designs that are highly effective automatically enhance the site’s content along with the online user experience, instead of detracting from these basic needs.

The Layout

Layout of the website is crucial. In fact, layout is its central component. An effective web designer will use proper HTML structures and CSS (cascading style sheets) to create the site. Proper layout will have the necessary flexibility so that the design process remains consistent, no matter what the size or shape monitor or device is being used by the online visitor.

A part of the overall process of quality website design is selecting the best layout that strikes an effective balance between creating a site that is not dull or boring, while providing the ultimate user experience that is easy to interact with, and intuitive to understand.

The Navigation Process

Navigation is also another crucial component in the website design. It has intuitive links and menus, and is simple to understand and utilize. Quality navigation does not overload the online visitor with information, but simply assists the online visitor in helping them locate the information they need to solve their problem.

Effective Media

Webpages from 15 to 20 years ago were basic pages build with nothing more than text. However, today webpages are filled with all different types of media including text, video, imagery, audio, and a variety of multimedia components including animation. The designer that effectively incorporates each component into the website will have a major impact on the site usability. This includes choosing the right sizes and formats of each media used on the site.

As an example, online visitors tend to shy away from any page that utilizes huge amounts of text. If your site requires the display of a lot of text, it needs to be broken into smaller chunks to minimize the overwhelming effect. Other multimedia items that tend to be large in size also drive away online visitors, especially on small screens of mobile networks.

Coming up with creative website design does not need to be a challenging task. However, by avoiding the obvious, and incorporating the quality layout with good content and navigation, it is easy to keep create an effective website.

Ignoring Search Engine Optimization For Improved Ranking Power

Search Engine Optimization

Are you highly focused on your search engine optimization? Let us see if this describes your normal routine. You spend hours researching keywords trying to find the perfect phrases with good search volume and low competition. You study the backlinks and strategies of your competitors for those phrases to help you create a plan. You invest in content optimized for that handful of phrases and then blast the pages with backlinks with anchor text focused on the phrase. That method sounds painful and most of the time leads to failure. Would you like to try a technique that is more effective and a lot more fun?

Here is my suggestion to improve your search engine optimization. You need to ignore the research and start reading more. Are you confused? I am suggesting that you will create content that is more optimized by forgetting about all of that research and becoming an expert in your market. Subscribe to the most read blogs, websites, and newsletters in your market. Start reading what others write and learn the terminology and phrases your market use. When you create your content in the future, you will naturally weave in the most critical phrases that Google believes is related to your topic.

Instead of spending hours doing all of the keyword research, take hours to create content. The more content you create the more odds of you getting your site highly ranked for phrases you are targeting and dozens of phrases that never crossed your mind.

I have watched many new bloggers spend a week researching keywords and planning an SEO strategy before they wrote their first word. They get lost in researching phrases and checking their ranking instead of focusing on the two items that almost guarantee they will get higher rankings. They should be producing more content and sharing it in more places.

Search Engine Optimization

I am not suggesting you forget about SEO. I am suggesting you place your focus on creating the highest value content possible. Then you need to tell the most people you can that it exists and where they can find it.

Instead of finding out the strategy your competitors use, do your own type of research. Where do people interested in your content hangout online? Join the forums, Facebook groups, and other sites your market frequents and start telling them about your content. Create you backlinks in the most relevant locations possible in front of the people most likely to share it. Imagine the SEO power of getting one of your blog posts to go viral because a few people loved it. Suddenly, you get hundreds of new backlinks from relevant blogs, YouTube channels, and other locations without lifting a finger. This is what happens when you focus on knowing your market and creating content, instead of focusing on SEO.

I suggest you use good search engine optimization strategies, but you must take your emphasis off of SEO and place it on quality first. Make your content worthy of sharing and then tell the world about it. You will quickly discover the real power of SEO is not trying to beat the system. It is using the system to get your information in front of the right people in the right places. When you do that, your SEO strategy will lead to long-term success.

Learning To Use Social Media Marketing For Business

Social Media Marketing

You probably have a Facebook account, a Twitter account, and a few more accounts around the web. You are likely already used to using each of the sites, but you might not have started using them for business. When you use the sites for business, you have to act slightly differently. After all, you are trying to get more sales. Here are some ways for you to start thinking differently of social media marketing, so you can use it for your business.

The first thing you need to do is to find out where your target market goes. For instance, if you are trying to reach teenagers, you will have better luck on Tumblr than you will have on Facebook. Don’t waste your time and think you’ll use all the social media sites. Stick to the ones that your target market are already using and enjoying.

Social Media Marketing

Next, remember your own preferences on social media. Do you like reading 30 updates every day from the businesses you follow? Probably not. Remember that social media is not the place for the hard sell. Social media is best used to build relationships and to gently guide people to your site. It is not so you can spam the people you want to buy your products.

Remain professional. It is very easy for you to make the mistake of thinking that social media is a place for you to be relaxed. While the hard sell is inappropriate, beware of being too familiar as well. Keep language clean and remember that you are operating in a business capacity. Save the tweets about your cat and your lunch for your personal profiles.

Ignore negativity. Sometimes, you are going to run across those who are just plain nasty. They will say mean things to you, and will taunt you. It is best to remember that you must take the high ground. Don’t allow others to bring you down to a low level. People will lose respect for you, and you will not gain anything from getting into an argument on the internet.

Provide good content. This is something that will get your content shared time and time again. You need to make sure that you are giving people information that is not only interesting, but relevant to them and their needs. If they get fired up about your information, they will be quick to share it, and you’ll enjoy even more followers. You can even ask your fans and followers what they would like to see, so that you can better serve them and keep them interested.

After reading this article, you should have a better idea of how you can use social media for your company. There are certain steps you can take, and this article has outlined some of the best ways for you to do that. Use the information here, and you will discover that you can build a loyal following with social media marketing.